Dreaming of a Father’s Love by Sharon Lavy


When Birdie graduates from high school, she wants nothing more than to work in the family business, pursuing her love of horticulture. Although Birdie has never been able to please her father, she desperately craves his praise. However, he has plans to send her to college, downplaying her contribution to his business.

Sara works for Birdie’s father. Raised by German Baptist parents, she loves her family, but wonders about her birth parents. Her mother refuses to discuss the details of her adoption. Could her birth mother be alive? Sara longs for a brother or sister.

Dax has built a successful business in real estate. He and his younger sister, Daisy, had been orphaned at a young age. When his two-year-old sister was adopted without him, he vowed to find her one day. Twenty-two years later, he is still searching.

Surprises and tragic events happen when Birdie agrees to help landscape Dax’s new property in this inspiring novel by Sharon A. Lavy. Set in the early 1970s, this book is an enjoyable read!

-Review by Sandra Merville Hart