Colorado by Rosey Dow – a Review


Four heartwarming novellas make up this series by Rosey Dow.

The main characters you learn to love in the first book, Megan’s Choice, are found in other novellas. This allow us, as readers, to spend additional time with lovable characters that we aren’t ready to part with.

Megan Wescott needs a well-paying job to cover the cost of her younger brother’s medical bills. Unfortunately, the only work she can find requires her to leave Baltimore and head west with Steven Chamberlain as his new wife.

Em, who refused to leave the family when the War Between the States ended, will stay with Jeremy. Megan knows Em will care for her brother, but how can she bear to leave? Yet with Jeremy’s bills mounting, she has little choice but to marry a stranger in the hopes of saving her brother.

I loved all the main characters of each story so much that I’ve read the whole book several times. I definitely recommend this series to lovers of historical romance.

-Review by Sandra Merville Hart