Evening Amusements for Old-Fashioned Themed Parties – Part 3


I wanted to host an old-fashioned theme party for a few friends during the Christmas season. Read  Evening Amusements for Old Fashioned Themed Parties – Part 1 for food ideas. Part 2 explains the Game of Concert.

Today I’m sharing two fun games. You need only your wit to play these games in a group setting. The games call for guests to think about their answers and also how they will outwit an opponent.

The Game of One Syllable

In this game, players take turns asking the person on their right a question, which can be any number of syllables. Each word of the neighbor’s response must be one syllable; it can be a whole sentence, just every word must be one syllable.

Example: Do you enjoy the winter season?

Answer: Yes, I actually enjoy driving in icy conditions.

Had he stopped at “yes” he would have been fine, but “actually” “enjoy” “driving” “icy” “conditions” get him booted from the game.

If any word of the player’s response contains more than one syllable, that person is out.

The Game of Five Vowels

This game is similar to the Game of One Syllable. The person asks a question to the player on their left and requests the response be given without an “e” (or an a, etc.) Then every word in the response must not contain that vowel.

If the player includes the forbidden vowel, he’s out.

Sound easy? (Hint: Think about asking questions that require an answer using a particular vowel and then forbid that vowel. That sparks everyone’s creativity.)

Guests enjoyed both these games so often played at parties over a century ago.

Next time we will talk about more party games. Hope you can join in the fun!

-Sandra Merville Hart



Planche, Frederick D’Arros. Evening amusements for every one; a collection of mirthful games, parlour pastimes, shadow plays, magic, conjuring, card tricks, chemical surprises, fireworks, forfeits, &c., illus. by George Cruikshank and others, Porter and Coates, ca 1880.









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