Evening Amusements for Old-Fashioned Themed Parties – Part 4


I wanted to host an old-fashioned theme party for a few friends during the Christmas season. Read  Evening Amusements for Old Fashioned Themed Parties – Part 1 for food ideas. Part 2 explains the Game of Concert. Part 3 shows two games that allow guests to show their creativity.

Today I’m sharing a fun game called “Tip It” or “Hands” that moves quickly.

Tip It or Hands

One person on a team hides a button or a coin in their fisted hand. The object is to fool the opponents and make them lose a team member. If you don’t fool them, the person holding the button is out.

Divide into teams.

One person on each team is designated as the “worker.” The worker chooses whose hand to hide the button in and then calls “hands up.” All members of that team hold up both hands in a fist as if holding the button.

One person from the opposing team sends away all hands he doesn’t think it’s in by touching it and saying “Hands away!” until there are two hands left. Then the player decides which hand holds the button. If he chooses wrong, he’s out of the game. He’s also out of the game if he sends away the hand the holds the button.

Then it is the other team’s turn to hide the button.

The contestants who remain on the winning team earn the prize—or bragging rights.

There was lots of laughter while trying to fool the opposing team.

Next time we will talk about party forfeits. Hope you can join in the fun!

-Sandra Merville Hart


Planche, Frederick D’Arros. Evening amusements for every one; a collection of mirthful games, parlour pastimes, shadow plays, magic, conjuring, card tricks, chemical surprises, fireworks, forfeits, &c., illus. by George Cruikshank and others, Porter and Coates, ca 1880.


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