The Bonfires of Beltane by Mark E. Fisher

9781938499524This historical romance reads more like historical fantasy!

I really enjoyed this novel that allows readers to travel the same roads in ancient, Celtic Ireland, as the foreigner, St. Patrick. What an amazing man.

Taran, who had been trained as a druid, turns his back on them and their tradition of sacrificing children to their sun god. He is banished from the island even as his father lays dying. He cannot marry Laurna before he goes. She promises to await his return.

A dream leads Taran to Patrick, who teaches him about the one true God. After Patrick baptizes him, Taran faces many dangers with Patrick as they spread the Gospel across the kingdoms of Ireland.

This well-researched and informative novel is very well done. The dangers faced by Patrick and the early Christians may surprise you.

Great story!

-Sandra Merville Hart

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