Dead Calm, Bone Dry by Eddie Jones

* * *   N  E  W   R  E  L  E  A  S  E ! ! !   * * *


This pirate novel is jam-packed with adventure!

Ricky, a teenager caught between two very different times, begins in jail with a fellow named William Shakespeare. Both face a none-too-fair trial that day and possible hanging.

From there, he goes from one dangerous adventure to the next. He wants to save his friend—the pretty governor’s daughter—and the orphans who depend on him, but things go from bad to worse.

Just when readers start to think they know what’s coming next, another twist happens. Through it all, Ricky learns a deeper spiritual truth, integral to the story.

The author snagged my attention early and held on.

This novel is geared to teen boys and middle grade boys, but adults will enjoy the story as well. Strap yourself in for an adventure filled with surprises at every turn!

-Sandra Merville Hart


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