The Bounty Hunter’s Redemption by Janet Dean

Gnaw Bone’s resident seamstress, Carly Richards, isn’t exactly a grieving widow when her husband, Max, is killed by a bounty hunter. His verbal abuse and lately, physical abuse, prevented that. She’s finally prepared to run her seamstress shop to support her young son without fearing her husband’s return from his prolonged absences.

Then Nate Sergeant, the bounty hunter who killed Max, comes to Gnaw Bone. He claims that Max lost the deed to the seamstress shop in a poker game with Nate’s brother-in-law. Then Max killed him to get it back but couldn’t find the hidden deed.

That left Nate’s sister, Anna, as the rightful owner and Nate aimed to see she took over the shop.

Even if it meant taking Carly’s only means of supporting her son.

I enjoyed the twists and turns of this historical novel where an unlikely romance blossoms against all odds.

-Sandra Merville Hart