Do You Know What I Know? by Becky Melby

Two women with the same name share the same OB/Gyn.

Bethany Schmidt is a single mother in a new relationship with her pastor, Jay Davidson. Bethany is falling in love with Jay but needs to decide whether to accept a new job in another city. She also has a secret to share before the dating relationship grows serious. Will Jay understand?

Elizabeth Schmidt can’t believe it. After all these years, she’s pregnant! At forty-one, she and her husband, James, have given up on having children. She arranges for her doctor’s office to call James with the surprising news.

The call goes to the wrong number.

This begins a whirlwind of misunderstandings for both couples that escalate as Christmas approaches.

I enjoyed reading the twists and turns that all began with one wrong number.

-Sandra Merville Hart