For a Song by Susanne Dietze

Lily Kimball’s uncle accepts a fee that sends her and her sister from Boston to Texas to sing in a saloon. The owner, Jackson Bridge, has invited his aunt to live with him and his daughter and requested she find two songbirds to bring with her.

Lily doesn’t want the job—she wants to make a living as a singer but not in a saloon. Her uncle gives them no choice.

But things aren’t always what they seem.

Jackson doesn’t own a saloon. His aunt tends toward confusion. His daughter wanted two birds as pets. Jackson isn’t impressed by Lily’s willingness to sing in a saloon.

Lily cooks at Jackson’s ranch and cares for his daughter while dreaming of becoming the next Jenny Lind.

But dreams have a way of changing . . .

I enjoyed this historical romance set in a small Texas town in 1858.

This novella is part of The Cowboy’s Bride Collection published by Barbour.

-Sandra Merville Hart