The Cowboy Poet by Susan Page Davis

Rilla Lane dreams of becoming a published writer as she cares for her ailing mother on her father’s ranch. She writes in the evening after all her chores are finished and has submitted her work to contests.

Her poetry intrigues Bat Wilson, a cowboy on the Lane ranch. He knows Rilla’s father will never allow a cowhand to court his daughter. His feelings for her must remain hidden but he tries his hand at poetry. The other ranch hands discover he is writing and tease him mercilessly.

Rilla falls in love with the hard-working Bat but realizes her father will never approve.

The characters in this story were believable and likable. I enjoyed this historical romance set on a large Texas ranch in 1880.

This novella is part of The Cowboy’s Bride Collection published by Barbour.

-Sandra Merville Hart