Mattie’s Pledge by Jan Drexler

This novel took me on a journey into the 1840s.

Mattie Schock’s family is traveling with several other Amish family from Brothers Valley, Pennsylvania, to Indiana. She hasn’t seen Jacob Yoder since they were children and looks forward to getting to know him again.

Jacob never forgot Mattie and their friendship deepens. He soon begins to dream of her as his wife on the new farm he will build in Indiana.

Mattie dreams of settling further west and fears she’d be bored living in one location for the rest of her life. The Englishman who keeps turning up at odd places promises her new adventures in Oregon. He’s exciting and dangerous.

But the danger is more real than Mattie realizes.

I love novels that transport me to another time and place. This story did that for me. I enjoyed this story.

-Sandra Merville Hart