Devil in the Dust by Cara Luecht

The author drew me into the 1930s right away. The story starts slowly and builds.

Many have already moved to California to escape the terrible dust that covers everything. The pastor, Peter, and his wife, Lillian, do their best to support the few families left in their Oklahoma town.

Emma’s husband is missing. Was he hurt? Or had he abandoned Emma and her five hungry children?

At 15, Jessie can’t stand to watch her younger siblings get by on so little food. With her father missing, there is no money to buy more food. There has to be something she can do to make things better.

Then a stranger drives a fancy car into town.

This story is told in multiple viewpoints, giving readers a glimpse into how tragedies suffered color your vision when nature itself seems to turn against farming families.

The author did a wonderful job of creating an authentic feel of the Dust Bowl in the 1930s. The characters’ choices and thoughts ring true to the time. This novel robbed me of a few hours of sleep!

Definitely recommend.

-Sandra Merville Hart

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