Dance Over Me by Candee Fick

I enjoyed this contemporary romance!

Danielle Lefontaine, actress/dancer, longs for a part in a Broadway musical. Hard work finally pays off when a local theater offers her a contract. Now she can concentrate on her career and finding her brother. Separated as children, she hasn’t seen him in years and is desperate to find him. After that, she may be able to focus on the band leader, Alex Sheridan, who has snagged her interest.

Alex is skittish about starting a relationship with another actress. His last dating relationship ended when his girlfriend left him for a bigger stage. Dani is talented. Will she also leave him?

A jealous star makes Dani’s life miserable. And how does her adoptive mom feel about her search for her brother?

This story drew me in immediately. I kept reaching for the novel to find out what happened next even when I needed to be doing other things. The characters are realistic and believable.


-Sandra Merville Hart

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