The Blue Lotus Society by Michelle L. Levigne

(Guardians of the Time Stream Series)

This is Book One of the series.

This steampunk historical novel is not my usual genre. When I read that the United States was in the third term of Lincoln’s presidency and the main character was on a flying ship, it took a couple of chapters to grasp the alternate history.

Ess is a rarity—a female Pinkerton agent in the late 1860s. Her current task to guard Egyptian artifacts lands her in more danger than she realizes.

Ess longs to find her missing grandparents and her brother. She meets friends of her missing relatives yet hesitates to trust them. What is the Blue Lotus Society?

Has she been wrong to trust her fellow Pinkerton agents?

The well-written story drew me in. I had no idea how the story would turn out. I enjoyed reading a new-to-me genre for a change.

The ending leaves you curious about what happens in the next novel. The author did a great job piquing my interest for Book Two!

-Review by Sandra Merville Hart


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