Such a Hope by Sondra Kraak

Paths of Grace Series

Anna Warren returns to Seattle after the death of her father, a successful freighter. She misses her father and wants to return to the home where she grew up and make a living as a freighter like her pa.

Tristan Porter is in her cabin when she returns. Why is the farmer staying on her land? And what is the rumor about her pa leaving her land to someone else?

She tries to find the truth as she fights her feelings for Tristan. He cares only about his crops.

Anna prayers for a man near death are miraculously answered. Folks have mixed feelings about the healing and tend to leave Anna alone—until they need her.

This historical romance tugged at my heart—and this is the second time I’ve read the novel. Believable characters and lots of emotion make this book hard to put down. I will look for more novels by this author.

-Sandra Merville Hart