The Miracle Women of WWII

Today’s post is written by fellow author and sweet friend, Carole Brown. Welcome back to Historical Nibbles, Carole!

World War Two was raging across the seas. Women were lining up to answer the United States call for help in the factories. Patriotism and loyalty flew high and strong. They were determined to do their part, not only for their military men, but also for their country. Rosie, the Riveter was an encouraging figure for mothers, wives and women everywhere to do their duty.

Housing at times, for the women in certain parts of the country, was hard to find. Many of them shared beds, one going to work as the other went to sleep. The patriotic appeal had two aspects: The positive: “do your part” and the negative: “a soldier may die if you don’t do your part.” The Germans and Japanese already had a headstart on weaponry, so the pressure—as the war continued—increased as time went by. Stockings, certain fabrics, metals, etc. were all sacrificed.

Abigail, the young wife in Christmas Angels, is a mother to Sarah Beth, her baby. In the top apartment of a boarding house filled with elderly and middle-aged people, she spends her days caring for her daughter. But when the checks from Patrick, her husband, cease coming, when the letters aren’t in the mail box, and the bills are piling up, what is she to do? Prayers are shakily breathed to God, but the reader can easily sense her doubts and timid faith. Her mother called her a failure but her husband had always called her strong and brave. Was it wrong to fear the unknown?

Is she strong enough to get through her fears and doubts? What happens that gives her the courage to carry on? Miracles do happen, but does one occur for Abigail?

–Carole Brown

Carole’s Short Story Christmas Angels in From the Lake to the River:

Her mother called her a failure, and maybe she was. Her husband was gone—in the service, yes, but if he loved her—really loved her, why didn’t he write? Or call? Or send the money she needed?

She loved this sweet little bundle of joy—her baby—but she was scared. Was she smart enough and strong enough to raise her?

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