Marriage Conversations by Cathy Krafve

From Co-existing to Cherished

What a wonderful book about communicating in marriage relationships!

Krafve compassionately tackles tough topics in her book such as divorce, abortion, pornography, self-worth, and the definition of marriage. She writes specifically to women yet men will also benefit from reading the book.

Krafve ends each chapter with thought-provoking sections geared to shift readers’ focus to their own situation: Understanding your needs, Identifying your worth, and Envisioning your future. I was touched by the prayers she has written for her readers at the end of every chapter.

I love the honesty in which the author shares examples from her own family to illustrate her points. Gems of wisdom are sprinkled throughout the book. Insightful advice on how to make small changes to improve communication makes it a great learning book.

I highly recommend this book to married and engaged couples seeking to improve their communication skills.

-Sandra Merville Hart



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