The Egyptian Princess by KD Holmberg

A Story of Hagar

Hagar is a Royal Princess of Egypt in the times of Abram and Sarai (Abraham and Sarah in Genesis.) Hagar is destined to marry her twin brother, Crown Prince Merikare, who views her with jealous hatred. The Pharoah is her father and he is more interested in his sons, a painful rejection she’s dealt with all her life.

She’s been having visions, horrible nightmares, since she’s learned that Sarai was coming. The Pharoah wants Sarai to become his newest wife.

Some are troubled by Hagar’s visions while others, like Merikare, ridicule them.

Then her dreams begin to happen …

I was first caught by all the old Egyptian traditions and beliefs that were new to me. Then I became engrossed in the story and the escalating danger Hagar faced. I lost sleep finishing it!

Realistic characters search for answers about the one God in the midst of a society where such conversations can cost their life. I was drawn into the drama that didn’t let me go.

Readers of Biblical fiction will enjoy this story. It’s also a great read for history lovers.

 -Sandra Merville Hart