North Carolina’s Mt. Airy is a Trip back to Mayberry

by Sandra Merville Hart

My husband is a big fan of the 60s TV show, The Andy Griffith Show, so when we planned a trip over the summer to North Carolina, it included a stop in Mount Airy.

Andy Taylor, the show’s main character, is raising his son with the help of his aunt in the small fictional North Carolina town of Mayberry. The sheriff’s family, the deputy, town barber, school teacher, mayor, and so many others tugged at our hearts. We fell in love with Mayberry.

It turns out that the fictional town is inspired by Andy Griffith’s home town of Mount Airy.

We arrived late in the day and ate at Walker’s Soda Fountain. It had a nostalgic feel that welcomed us right away. My husband let me try his chocolate milk shake—delicious! The owner discovered we were there to see “Mayberry” and shared many fun facts about the town with us.

One was that Andy Griffith worked in the drug store (formerly known as Lamm Drug Store) that is now Walker’s Soda Fountain. Another is that all the Mayberry locations mentioned in the show are real.

Several of the locations visitors will associate with the show are on or near Main Street. Floyd’s City Barber Shop, a Mayberry police squad car, Opie’s Candy Store, and other shops are on Main Street. Andy Griffith’s Homeplace is a short drive away.

There’s an Andy Griffith Museum, Andy Griffith Playhouse, Wally’s Service Station, and Mayberry Replica Courthouse that will give fans of the show feelings of nostalgia.

There are a few shops on Main Street. I’m sure we would have enjoyed the Good Time Trolley Tours, but we arrived as some places were closing.

If you’re a fan of The Andy Griffith Show, I think you’ll enjoy a day’s visit to this town. Arrive around lunch to eat at a diner. Shop. Enjoy an ice cream. Drive or stroll to the bronze statue of Andy and Opie walking to the fishing hole.

It was an enjoyable visit for everyone in our group.     


Mount Airy North Carolina, 2021/08/23


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