The Call of the Wild by Jack London

by Sandra Merville Hart

Buck is a St. Bernard-Scotch shepherd, a large, strong dog who has known only a kind, loving owner when the story begins. Buck is stolen from his California home and sold to a cruel man who beats him. Buck is taken north to Alaska for the Gold Rush in 1897.

There Buck, a dominant yet untrained dog, learns to pull a sled with a team. He learns to fight with other dogs, often to the death. New owners buy him from time to time, and Buck grows increasingly wilder. Each new situation is worse than before until John Thornton rescues him.

There’s a lot of violence between the dogs and terrible abuse from the owners. The story is written in Buck’s point of view, making those scenes especially difficult to read.

This is my first time reading Jack London’s classic novel. I’d heard it was a children’s story, but it’s better suited for middle-grade or older due to the recurring violence and abuse at the hands of Buck’s cruel owners.

It’s a strong, well-written story but I’m not recommending it for children.


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  1. You know , I have never read this book, one day I am hoping to read it. Thank you for sharing about it. Have a great rest of the week and stay safe.


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