One of Jackson’s Foot Cavalry by John H. Worsham

by Sandra Merville Hart

His Experience and What he saw

During the War 1861-1865

I discovered this book while researching to write my “Spies of the Civil War” series. The second and third book in the series are set in Richmond, Virginia, in 1862. I was searching for a Virginia regiment with a large number of Confederate soldiers from Richmond that stayed in that state for battles fought in the first half of 1862.

I was thrilled to find this book written by a Confederate soldier in Company F of the Twenty-first Virginia Infantry. Worsham gives detailed accounts of battles and where they camped. He provides names of the men who were elected as officers.

The author was proud to be a soldier in General “Stonewall” Jackson’s division of the Second Corps.

This is a well-written, detailed account of what the Confederate soldiers endured during the war. It was published in 1912. I’m grateful for soldier accounts such as these and used some of the details provided–such as camp locations and how the soldiers felt–in Boulevard of Confusion, Book 2.

A great book for readers who enjoy American history, soldier autobiographies, and the Civil War.