Medium Well Done by Eddie Jones

by Sandra Merville Hart

The Caden Chronicles

Book 6

I’ve read other books in this series so I settled in to try solve the mystery along with fifteen-year-old Nick.

The story begins with Nick witnessing a séance in a cemetery. He can hear the words used to “awaken” a spirit but I don’t know the meaning of those words.

Nick doesn’t believe in ghosts and figures his friend brought him here to see a staged performance. Then his friend disappears right afterward and it appears she died in a hit and run but no one can find her body.

This isn’t the first time Nick has found himself in the middle of a murder investigation and readers of the series hope it isn’t the last.

Jones has written the book to appeal to middle-grade and teen readers, both boys and girls. There is plenty of mystery, adventure, and danger to hold their interest. I like that the seeming supernatural portions of the story are explained at the end. If parents are worried about that aspect, I’d suggest reading it first.

I enjoy stories that invite me to try to figure out “whodunit” and this one did.