Emma’s Quest by Starr Ayers

Reviewed by Sandra Merville Hart

Book 2 in “Dream Beyond Tomorrow” Series

A packet of love letters found among the possessions of the author’s deceased mother sparked the first book of the series, a wonderful timeslip story. Emma’s Quest, Book 2, is another timeslip novel with some of the same characters in a continuation of the story.

Two sisters in modern day still try to piece together their mother’s early courtships and her romance with their father. It has plenty of twists and turns…

Emma Rose Walsh’s story begins in 1939. Whe travels to Chicago where the handsome Andrew Brown works as an artist. Things don’t start out well when he isn’t there to pick her up from the train.

Drew’s job takes him to various cities for short jaunts and Emma has only her waitressing job and a few friends in Chicago to keep her busy. She’s lonely and longs for her friends and family back in North Carolina.

And with the war in Europe escalating, there’s plenty happening on all fronts.

This nostalgic story has plenty of suspense. The contemporary story with the sisters intrigues readers with clues about what’s coming in the historical side.

As in the first book, more than one man is worthy of a good woman. I found myself pulling for first one and then the other to win Emma’s heart.

The country marches ever closer to World War II and then is catapulted into it, and every character is affected by. As the story continued, it snagged my interest making it difficult to put down.   

Recommended for readers of inspirational historical romance.