Cheese Ball Recipe

by Sandra Merville Hart

I remember when you often were served cheese balls at parties. It happens less often these days and it seems that appetizer foods run in cycles just like clothing fashions. 😊

I was asked to bring an appetizer to an author gathering and went over several possibilities before settling on a cheese ball. This is my sister’s recipe. My family still loves it when we go to her house for a party and see this appetizer on the counter.


2 8-ounce packages of cream cheese (rectangular blocks)

5-6 two-ounce packages of Buddig beef, divided

¼ cup finely chopped onion

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

1 clove of garlic, minced (optional)

Club crackers (or your favorite crackers)

Take the cream cheese out of the fridge and let it set on the counter 20 to 30 minutes before beginning preparations so that it softens.

Chopped 3 packages of the beef and put it in a medium-sized mixing bowl.

In a separate larger bowl, place the cream cheese. Knead it a few seconds with your hands to soften it.

Add the beef, onion, and garlic (I didn’t add the optional garlic) to the cream cheese and mix together. I find it easier to mix the whole thing with my hands but perhaps that’s because my grandmother mixed everything with hers.

Form it into a ball and set it back in the bowl.

Chop up 2 packages of the remaining beef and place in the bowl previously used. Roll the cheese ball in the meat to cover. I had to use my hands to get the last bit in place.

If it’s not covered enough for your taste, chop up the final package of beef and add it to outside layer of the cheese ball.

Cover with plastic wrap, place in an air-tight container, and chill in the refrigerator for at least two hours or until ready to serve. I was traveling and made it four days in advance.

It lasted over a week and continued to taste delicious. It’s nice and meaty with the beef mixed on the inside as well as coated on the outside, making it a more filling snack.

My friends were excited to eat this appetizer and went back for more, complimenting me on its flavor. Leftovers made a quick and easy side for lunch.

Serve on a decorative dish with your favorite crackers. I chose club crackers for my guests because lots of folks tend to like them. Choose your favorite as a variation.

This is always a hit. Thanks B. for sharing your recipe with us!