Endorsements for A Not So Convenient Marriage

by Sandra Merville Hart

I was thrilled to receive the following two wonderful endorsements for A Not So Convenient Marriage, Book 1 in my “Second Chances” series that released on November 8, 2022. It’s set three Ohio locations—Hamilton, Harrison, and Bradford Junction—in 1877, a dozen years after the Civil War’s end.

“Reading A Not So Convenient Marriage was for me a delightful journey into a simpler time, but a time as complex as ours when it comes to relationships, misunderstandings, and the desires of the heart. Author Sandra Merville Hart has crafted characters who will draw you into their story, capture your imagination, and leave you cheering them on as they face their own shortcomings and follow their dreams. A lovely first book in the Second Chances series, one that leaves me waiting for the next.”

~ Ann Tatlock, author, editor, writing mentor

“An emotional portrayal of grief and guilt blended skillfully with grace amid the heartbreak of unrequited love. The characters created by the author, Sandra Merville Hart, gripped me from the beginning and made me sorry to part ways at the end. Ms. Hart’s talented prose lured me into an era where digging an honest living out of the ground often collided with hardship, and marriages of convenience were contracted for reasons other than love or commitment. Samuel Walker enters into such an arrangement with Rose Hatfield after his beautiful wife, Ginny, dies unexpectedly, leaving him with two children and a farm to care for himself. Ginny’s specter haunts and crowds Samuel and Rose until feelings of unworthiness and doubt consume Rose, and their union becomes unbearable. Did she follow God’s will for her life? Or did she only listen to her heart? At long last, she does what wise women do: ‘She prayed until her legs went numb and her spirit emptied of words.’ A sweet novel deftly filled with sorrow, conflict, hope, and finally, love.”

~KD Holmberg, Award-winning author of The Egyptian Princess; A Story of Hagar

What reviewers are saying:

“This is a story that will tug at your heart. It is well written and easy to read and imagine.”

“The depth of emotion is off the charts!”

“I couldn’t put the book down and read it in one day!”

“It may seem cliche to say that this should be a Hallmark movie, but I do believe that it is worthy of the original Hallmark Hall of Fame presentations!”

“I loved, loved, loved the book and Rose will be one of my all-time favorite heroines forever!”

“Thank you so very much for writing this book. I can’t put into words how much I adored it!”

“One of my favorite heroines – Rose will be with me for a long time!”

“The depth of emotion in these main characters, Rose and Samuel, was evident throughout each interaction and felt raw, palpable and realistic.”


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