Marshmallow Snowmen – Fun for the Family

by Sandra Merville Hart

I made Rick Krispie Treats over the holidays and had leftover marshmallows that I decided would make a fun treat for our young grandchildren.

There were plenty of the larger marshmallows for the 3 sections. I made a batch of icing, thinking that icing would be necessary as edible “glue” to stick the sections together.

Either the icing doesn’t work well, or the young artists require more patience than ours possess to allow it to dry. 😊

Anyway, we discovered that pressing the marshmallows together without icing actually bonded the sections quite well.

Next, I set out bowls with candy eyes, pretzels, chocolate chips, and pink, green, and white icing to decorate. A potato chip became a snowman hat. Icing worked well to glue the candy to the marshmallow creation.

Even Grandpa got in in the fun!

When the children are decoratimg, their imaginations go wild so that no two snowmen look exactly alike.

This is a fun winter activity for the family.