Illustrated Cincinnati by Daniel J. Kenny

Reviewed by Sandra Merville Hart

Pictorial Hand-book of the Queen City

I love this book!

Published in 1875, the author jam-packed this book with descriptions and sketches of hotels, places of entertainment, public buildings, schools, colleges, banks, parks, and churches. It gives details about transportation, club houses, boat clubs, and charities.

The sketches of early buildings include the people and modes of transportation on the streets. Perhaps the author did not realize that such sketches would provide details about clothing, omnibuses, railcars, and landaus pulled by horse teams to readers long after such things were not even a memory for those still living.

A sketch of the Burnet House shows what an impressive hotel it was—and Abraham Lincoln is on its register!

I read this book during my research for my book set in Cincinnati, A Not So Persistent Suitor. I used some wonderful information from the book about the Tyler Davidson Fountain on Fifth Street in my story. I referred to the book time and again while writing my story set in 1883-84.

Recommended for readers who love the history of Cincinnati and Ohio.