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Sandra’s newest novel, A Rebel in My House, is a Civil War romance set in Gettysburg during the famous 1863 battle. This novel was awarded 2018 Illumination Silver Award! 


When the cannons roar beside Sarah Hubbard’s home outside of Gettysburg, she despairs of escaping the war that’s come to Pennsylvania. A wounded Confederate soldier on her doorstep leaves her with a heart-wrenching decision.

Separated from his unit and with a bullet in his back, Jesse Mitchell needs help. He seeks refuge at a house beside Willoughby Run. His future lies in the hands of a woman whose sympathies lay with the North.

Jesse has promised his sister-in-law he’d bring his brother home from the war. Sarah has promised her sister that she’d stay clear of the enemy. Can the two keep their promises amid a war bent on tearing their country apart?









Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas – Use coupon code SandraMHart for a 20% discount on Lighthouse Publishing books!

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Sandra’s first book in the Civil War series:

A Stranger On My LandCarrie and her little brother, Jay, find a wounded soldier on their land after a battle which later became known as “The Battle Above the Clouds.” Adam, a Union soldier, has been shot twice in the arm. Though Carrie is reluctant to take Adam to their cave where her family hides their livestock from both armies, she cannot turn her back on him.

But her Aunt Lavinia, bitter over what Yankees have done to their land, urges Carrie to allow Adam to die. Carrie refuses, but cannot remove the bullets. Adam’s friendship with Jay softens her heart toward him. It’s not long until his gratitude and teasing manner spark a friendship between the young couple. Even though Carrie’s father fights for the Confederacy in far-off Virginia, her feelings for the handsome young soldier begin to blossom into love.

When Adam’s condition worsens, Carrie knows a Union surgeon is needed to save his life. How can she accomplish this and keep her family’s hiding place a secret?


  • I pretty much devoured this book, not wanting to stop reading, even after the end! You’ll enjoy this book no matter what your preferred reading genre is. A good story is always worth reading, and that’s what this is. Enjoy! Nancy Bolton, Amazon Reviewer
  • The descriptions of the area and the characters made me feel like I was right there beside them. I read many historical fiction stories and enjoyed this one tremendously. I suggest you give it a try. Grams513, Amazon Reviewer
  • I loved the way the author Sandra Merville Hart, describes the surroundings in such detail. With her descriptions of the cave, the battles, and the mountains, I felt as though I was taken back in time. She then gives you a romance story that will keep you flipping pages to find out the end. Vickie M., Amazon Reviewer
  • Sandra Merville Hart has written a sweet romance that shows the hardships and dangers Southern civilians in the mountains of Tennessee faced during the civil war. Her gentle style is easy to read and the description of Lookout Mountain and the fighting that takes place keeps you turning the pages. This novella is a quick, easy read, suitable for all ages who love romance and history. Brava, Sandra on your debut novel! Catherine Castle, Goodreads Reviewer
  • Very exciting and captivating. Held my attention well. Looking forward to the next in the series. Martin Wiles, Goodreads Reviewer
  • I am not typically a reader of historical fiction. I grabbed this book as it was set on Lookout Mountain where both my kids attend college. What a treat!! I loved the characters and the realistic setting. I was captured and drawn in by the characters on page 1! I thoroughly enjoyed this book!! Gwen, Goodreads Reviewer
  • A Stranger on My Land is a terrific novella. I was captivated from the beginning until the end. I can’t wait to read more by this author. I look forward to more of her stories. 5 stars. Amy, Goodreads Reviewer

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Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas – Use coupon code SandraMHart for a 20% discount on Lighthouse Publishing books!


Barnes & Noble


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