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Second Chances series, published by Wild Heart Books

A Not So Convenient Marriage, Book 1 of “Second Chances” series, released November 8, 2022. It’s available at the following retailers: 

Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Books 2 Read

Here’s a bit about the book:

A spinster teacher…a grieving widower…a marriage of convenience and a second chance with the man she’s always loved…

When Samuel Walker proposes a marriage of convenience to Rose Hatfield so soon after the death of his wife, she knows he doesn’t love her. She’s loved him since their school days. Those long-suppressed feelings spring to life as she marries him. She must sell her childhood home, quit her teaching job, and move to a new city.

Marrying Rose is harder than Samuel expected, especially with the shadow of his deceased wife everywhere in his life. And he has two young children to consider. Peter and Emma need a mother’s love, but they also need to hold close the memories of their real mother as they grieve her loss.

Life as Samuel’s wife is nothing like Rose hoped, and even the townspeople, who loved his first wife, make Rose feel like an outsider. The work of the farm draws the two of them closer, giving hope that they might one day become a happy family. Until the dream shatters, and the life Rose craves tumbles down around them. Only God can put these pieces back together, but the outcome may not look anything like she planned.


Spies of the Civil War series, published by Wild Heart Books

Avenue of Betrayal, Book 1 of “Spies of the Civil War” series, released February 8, 2022. It’s available at the following retailers: 

AmazonBarnes & Noble, KoboApple Books

Here’s a bit about the book:

Betrayed by her brother and the man she loves … whom can she trust when tragedy strikes?

Soldiers pour into Washington City every day and begin drilling in preparation for a battle with the Confederacy. Annie Swanson worries for her brother, Will, whom she’s just discovered is a Confederate officer in his new home state of North Carolina. Hiram, her wealthy banker father, swears her and her sister to secrecy even as Annie battles feelings of betrayal by her adored big brother. How could he forsake their mother’s abolitionist teachings?

Sergeant Major John Finn camps within a mile of the Swanson’s mansion where his West Point pal once lived. Sweet Annie captured his heart at Will’s wedding last year and he looks forward to reestablishing their relationship—until he’s asked to spy on her father.

To prove her father’s loyalty to the Union, John agrees to spy on them though Annie must never know. Then the war strikes a blow that threatens to destroy them all.

Boulevard of Confusion, Book 2 of “Spies of the Civil War” series, released May 10, 2022. It’s available at the following retailers:

Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble

Here’s a bit about the book:

In times of war, is anything as it seems?

Her aunt’s invitation to Richmond is just the change Beatrice Swanson needs after her brother’s release from a Union prison. Bea’s father agrees to the trip with a condition—one that tosses her emotions into swirling confusion.

Though Jay Nickson wants to serve his country as a Confederate soldier, his work is too important to the government. Bea’s interest in his job, which includes secrets that would benefit the Union, arouses his suspicions. Is she spying for the North? His growing feelings for her are hard to squelch.

Though she participates in activities to benefit Confederate soldiers, Bea struggles with her own loyalties and her father’s demands. Where does her cousin, Meg, go on her solitary errands? Bea’s own growing love for Jay, a Southerner, only adds to her confusion. Tensions escalate in Richmond as the Union army approaches, drawing her into more secrecy. Where does her allegiance lie? And how will she be forced to prove it?

Nothing in war is simple…especially when the heart becomes entangled.

Byway to Danger, Book 3 of “Spies of the Civil War” series, releases July 19, 2022. It’s available for preorder at the following retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Books 2 Read

Here’s a bit about the book:

Everyone in Richmond has secrets. Especially the spies.Meg Brooks, widow, didn’t stop spying for the Union when her job at the Pinkerton National Detective Agency ended, especially now that she lives in the Confederate capital. Her job at the Yancey bakery provides many opportunities to discover vital information about the Confederacy to pass on to her Union contact. She prefers to work alone, yet the strong, silent baker earns her respect and tugs at her heart. Cade Yancey knows the beautiful widow is a spy when he hires her only because his fellow Unionist spies know of her activities. Meg sure didn’t tell him. He’s glad she knows how to keep her mouth shut, for he has hidden his dangerous activities from even his closest friends. The more his feelings for the courageous woman grow, the greater his determination to protect her by guarding his secrets. Her own investigations place her in enough peril. As danger escalates, Meg realizes her choice to work alone isn’t a wise one. Can she trust Cade with details from her past not even her family knows?

My first western book was so much fun to write!

I’m in Smitten’s Historical Romance Collection “The Cowboys” with three other talented authors—Jennifer Uhlarik, Linda W. Yezak, and Cindy Ervin Huff. How exciting!

My novella in the collection is set in the wild cattle town of Abilene, Kansas, in 1870, when cowboys drove Longhorn cattle along the Chisholm Trail.  

Trail’s End by Sandra Merville Hart

Wade Chadwick has no money until his boss’s cattle sell, so he takes a kitchen job at Abby’s Home Cooking. The beautiful and prickly owner adds spice to his workday. Abby Cox hires the down-and-out cowboy even though the word cowboy leaves a bad taste in her mouth. Just as she’s ready to trust Wade with her heart, money starts to disappear … and so does her brother.

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Sandra is thrilled that her newest release is a Christmas collection! Not This Year in “Christmas Fiction Off the Beaten Path,” is a heartwarming, nostalgic story of a hardworking family man facing difficult times at Christmas.

Sandra’s third Civil War romance, A Musket in My Hands, follows two sisters as they disguise themselves as soldiers and join the men they love in the Confederate army–just in time for the war to grow progressively difficult for Southern soldiers. Tough marches lead them to the Battle of Franklin. How can anyone survive? 

2019 Serious Writer Fiction Winner

    2019 Selah Award Finalist

2019 Serious Writer Book of the Year Semi-finalist

Endorsements for A Musket in My Hands:

 I don’t always read Civil War novels, because I’m not into graphic battle scenes. Sandra Merville Hart’s A Musket in My Hands is a wonderful book. The characters grab your heart right from the beginning and they take you through a unique story line right into battles, where I followed willingly. The book isn’t battle-driven. It’s character driven, and the reader becomes intimately acquainted with these people who had to face things they never dreamed about happening. This is my favorite Civil War novel. I highly recommend it.

Lena Nelson Dooley – bestselling, multiple-award-winning author of 12 Gifts of Christmas, Esther’s Temptation, and Great Lakes Lighthouse Brides.

Sandra Hart, author of the acclaimed A Stranger on My Land and A Rebel in My House has done it again with her third and best novel to date, A Musket in My Hands.  In this brilliant historical fiction, Sandra has sat against the backdrop of Confederate General John Bell Hood’s Tennessee Campaign a study of the little known but genuine phenomenon of women masquerading as men to serve and fight in the opposing armies of the Civil War.  An excellent and well-researched read, this is one of the first books I’ve read to put a touchingly human face on the horrendously bloody Battle of Franklin. 

Kevin Spencer – author of “ON THIS DAY in North Carolina History”

Available on Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas  

Sandra is thrilled that her historical romance novella, Surprised by Love, is part of  From the Lake to the River. This anthology of short stories and novellas set in Ohio locations have been written by Ohio writers! Published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press, it released on September 1, 2018. Sandra’s novella in the collection, Surprised by Love, is set during the tragic 1913 Great Miami River Flood in Troy, Ohio.

 Lottie’s feelings for an old school crush blossom again during the worst flood her town has endured in years.

Sandra’s novel, A Rebel in My House, is a Civil War romance set in Gettysburg during the famous 1863 battle. This novel was awarded 2018 Illumination Silver Award and 2nd place in 2018 Finalist Faith Hope & Love Reader’s Choice Award!


When the cannons roar beside Sarah Hubbard’s home outside of Gettysburg, she despairs of escaping the war that’s come to Pennsylvania. A wounded Confederate soldier on her doorstep leaves her with a heart-wrenching decision.

Separated from his unit and with a bullet in his back, Jesse Mitchell needs help. He seeks refuge at a house beside Willoughby Run. His future lies in the hands of a woman whose sympathies lay with the North.

Jesse has promised his sister-in-law he’d bring his brother home from the war. Sarah has promised her sister that she’d stay clear of the enemy. Can the two keep their promises amid a war bent on tearing their country apart?

Narrator Tom Campbell does an excellent job narrating the Audiobook !

Endorsement for A Rebel in My House:

 Rebel in my House is another top-notch Civil War romance from Sandra Merville Hart. Her detailed historical research on the battle of Gettysburg will put you in the middle of the fight and make you feel the terror and heartbreak of a war that tore our country apart. With a gentle, deft writing style she pulls you into the lives and the hearts of her characters. This keeper book is one you’ll want to not only re-read, but share with lovers of sweet romance as well as historical fiction.”

~Catherine Castle, Award-winning Author of The Nun and the Narc  and A Groom for Mama 

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Sandra’s first book in the Civil War series:

A Stranger On My Land

Carrie and her little brother, Jay, find a wounded soldier on their land after a battle which later became known as “The Battle Above the Clouds.” Adam, a Union soldier, has been shot twice in the arm. Though Carrie is reluctant to take Adam to their cave where her family hides their livestock from both armies, she cannot turn her back on him.

But her Aunt Lavinia, bitter over what Yankees have done to their land, urges Carrie to allow Adam to die. Carrie refuses, but cannot remove the bullets. Adam’s friendship with Jay softens her heart toward him. It’s not long until his gratitude and teasing manner spark a friendship between the young couple. Even though Carrie’s father fights for the Confederacy in far-off Virginia, her feelings for the handsome young soldier begin to blossom into love.

When Adam’s condition worsens, Carrie knows a Union surgeon is needed to save his life. How can she accomplish this and keep her family’s hiding place a secret?

Now available in audiobook!!! Narrator Robin Jasper does an excellent job captivating and holding her listener’s interest. Available on  Amazon.

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas


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