Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble

A Hope Beach Novel

Libby learns that the father she’d thought was dead since her early childhood had only recently died. He actually married and had two children. Not only that, but Libby has inherited beach property. Nicole, Libby’s friend and business partner, is on Hope Beach and tells Libby how to watch live feed from a camera so that she can see her half-sister. The Libby watches in horror as Nicole is drugged and snatched from the beach by two men.

Libby immediately travels there to talk to local authorities and search for Nicole, but finds herself a suspect instead. Her siblings don’t trust her.

Alec Bourne, the handsome captain of the Coast Guard, has searched for Nicole to no avail and doesn’t know if he can trust Libby.

Worse, Nicole is still missing. How can Libby find her friend in time to save her life?

This story drew me in immediately. It is a story of forgiveness and second chances. The characters are realistic and believable.

This novel cost me a few hours of sleep!

-Sandra Merville Hart


Cassia by Susan F. Craft

The adventure begins on the first page and doesn’t stop!

The author drew me into this action-packed love story immediately.

This historical novel is set on the high seas on the East Coast of America in 1799 where flashbacks to the American Revolution, kidnappings, rescuing a young woman from a slave ship, danger from pirates, and more leave the reader wondering just what will happen next.

The story is told entirely from the viewpoint Lilyan, a brave wife and mother. Because of this, when the family is separated readers wonder and worry what is happening to the others as we can only see the situation from Lilyan’s perspective. This actually adds to the tension and drama of the story.

The characters are amazingly brave and strong yet believable. Their faith in God is an anchor they cling to when danger threatens at every corner.

Full of twists and turns, this novel is a definite page-turner! It robbed me of sleep and kept me from a few chores because I had to know what happened.

Recommend! Will look for more by this author.

-Sandra Merville Hart

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Grace’s Pictures by Cindy Thomson

Part of Ellis Island Series

Grace McCaffery emigrates to America in 1900. Her stepfather, a policeman—or peeler as they are called in Ireland, paid for her passage to New York City, but she resents leaving her mother at his mercy. Grace plans to save money to send for her mother—when she is able to get a job.

Owen McNulty has rejected his parents’ desires to follow in his wealthy father’s footsteps. His desire is to serve his city as a policeman. The corruption among some on the police force create problems for him.

Owen meets the lovely Grace soon after her arrival, but she won’t accept his help.

Grace vows not trust any peeler.

This historical fiction novel shows the struggles of Irish immigrants at the turn of the last century. I didn’t know much about this part of American history and learned a great deal. The author did a wonderful job on her research to bring their difficulties and the corruption in the police departments to light.

The characters are multi-layered, believable, and likeable. The well-written story drew me in immediately and I kept turning pages.

Great novel! I will look for more by this author.

-Review by Sandra Merville Hart


Cowboy Competition by Becca Whitham

Nia Lindley is gun-shy about men since making a couple of poor choices. Though she longs to find a good man to marry, she focuses on helping her father run their successful Texas ranch.

Toby Lane lives in the shadow of his father’s mistakes. Unfortunately, those sins cast a long shadow and Toby finds himself looking for another job. Again.

An advertisement for a foreman catches his interest. The Double L Cattle Ranch will hold a Cowboy Competition to find the best candidate for the job.

The Double L Ranch—should Toby risk returning?

I thought the author did a great job piquing the reader’s interest about Toby’s past. It added a bit of mystery to the story.

I loved learning about the cowboy competitions. I didn’t know these were held in the Old West to search for the best employee.

I enjoyed this novella, part of The Cowboy’s Bride Collection published by Barbour.

-Sandra Merville Hart


Bounce, Don’t Break by Penny Hunt

The full title to the book is Bounce, Don’t Break: Stories, reflections, and words of encouragement during times of change. 

We all have them—times when life slams us in the heart and we are bent double. If you are in the midst of difficult times, this book is filled with encouragement for right where you are.

Readers don’t have to come from military backgrounds to glean wisdom from this book, but military families will feel an immediate connection with the many examples shared.

God cares for the birds but doesn’t plop worms into their mouths. That’s a paraphrase of one of the author’s pearls of wisdom.

Practical advice for getting through hard days fill this book as the author shares stories that tug at the heart.

This book is geared toward women. Military families will be blessed by the author’s understanding of being uprooted with little warning or to watch your loved one leave for war.

Those who haven’t experienced it will receive a better understanding of struggles faced by military families. Recommended!

-Sandra Merville Hart

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Bury Me with My Pearls by Jane Jenkins Herlong

The full title to the book is Bury Me with My Pearls: Humor with a Spiritual Twist. This title does justice to the stories inside.

For stories from the author’s life burst from the pages. They are “laugh-out-loud” funny. I woke my husband up laughing over the author’s antics long after I should have turned off the lamp and gone to sleep.

Pearls are an image that is woven throughout these devotional thoughts written for women. Southerners will likely feel instant rapport with some of Herlong’s example though this girl with Southern roots had no problem understanding them either.

The author sprinkles plenty of wisdom within her stories. You will laugh. You may cry. You will be blessed.

Definitely recommend this book for women of all ages.

-Sandra Merville Hart

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Devil in the Dust by Cara Luecht

The author drew me into the 1930s right away. The story starts slowly and builds.

Many have already moved to California to escape the terrible dust that covers everything. The pastor, Peter, and his wife, Lillian, do their best to support the few families left in their Oklahoma town.

Emma’s husband is missing. Was he hurt? Or had he abandoned Emma and her five hungry children?

At 15, Jessie can’t stand to watch her younger siblings get by on so little food. With her father missing, there is no money to buy more food. There has to be something she can do to make things better.

Then a stranger drives a fancy car into town.

This story is told in multiple viewpoints, giving readers a glimpse into how tragedies suffered color your vision when nature itself seems to turn against farming families.

The author did a wonderful job of creating an authentic feel of the Dust Bowl in the 1930s. The characters’ choices and thoughts ring true to the time. This novel robbed me of a few hours of sleep!

Definitely recommend.

-Sandra Merville Hart

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Writing with E’s by Rebecca Waters

This book was written specifically for writers.

Waters has packed this handbook with helpful writing tips for new writers. Experienced authors will also benefit from useful editing tips to prepare those manuscripts for submission.

The author includes several writing exercises that are beneficial to new writers. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to write about when new the craft. Waters provides excellent exercises engineered for practicing and honing writing skills.

Excellent, practical book that will be especially useful for new writers. Recommend!

-Sandra Merville Hart


That First Montana Year by Donna L. Scofield

This historical romance captured my attention on the first page.

B’Anne regrets what happened when the snowstorm isolated her with Will, her old beau, even as he courted a beautiful new girl. He cast B’Anne aside in the morning.

But B’Anne’s morning sickness exposes their secret. Their families arrange a quick marriage and the young couple soon find themselves in a wagon bound for Montana. B’Anne is sad to leave her family in Iowa to stay with Will’s uncle until they claim their own property.

B’Anne has always loved Will and hates that he’s been forced to marry her when he loves another woman. Certain that he will resent her and the baby, she worries about the future. Can he learn to love B’Anne?

Very interesting story that shows the difficulties faced by homesteaders in Montana. The author also shows how they lived, describing the 1880s lifestyle so well that I felt like I had been transported back to another era.

Great book! I will look for other novels written by this author.

-Sandra Merville Hart

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Marketing You and Your Writing by Rebecca Waters


This book was written specifically to help writers with marketing their book and themselves as an author.

It takes a while for new writers to learn the writing “lingo.” Waters explains such things as headshots and bios early in the book.

On the other hand, even experienced writers benefit from learning how to use social media to build a platform. Waters offers insightful advice about blogs, Facebook, and other social media.

The author also talks about lesser known “media kits” that editors or publishers sometimes require—a very helpful section.

These and many other tools make this marketing book for writers a “must have” on a Kindle. It will be an easy future reference as needs arise.

Practical book written for authors. Recommend!

-Sandra Merville Hart