Marketing You and Your Writing by Rebecca Waters


This book was written specifically to help writers with marketing their book and themselves as an author.

It takes a while for new writers to learn the writing “lingo.” Waters explains such things as headshots and bios early in the book.

On the other hand, even experienced writers benefit from learning how to use social media to build a platform. Waters offers insightful advice about blogs, Facebook, and other social media.

The author also talks about lesser known “media kits” that editors or publishers sometimes require—a very helpful section.

These and many other tools make this marketing book for writers a “must have” on a Kindle. It will be an easy future reference as needs arise.

Practical book written for authors. Recommend!

-Sandra Merville Hart


Land of My Dreams by Norma Gail

The author drew me into this contemporary romance right away.

To escape from painful losses, college professor Bonnie Bryant accepts a position to teach in Scotland. She meets Professor Kieran MacDonnell, a grieving widower and sheep farmer. She soon falls in love with him.

Though Kieran loves Bonnie, he feels guilty for loving her. He still grieves his wife’s passing.

To make matters worse, Bonnie’s former boyfriend keeps trying to contact her. He wants to make amends.

There are plenty of obstacles in Bonnie and Kieran’s way. Just when I thought I knew what would happen next, a twist came. There are many unexpected twists and turns in this novel that kept me guessing until the end.

I also fell in love with a land I’ve never seen—Scotland. The author’s descriptions brought the beautiful land alive in my imagination. I’d love to visit there someday.

-Sandra Merville Hart

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Designing a Business Plan by Rebecca Waters

This book was written specifically to help writers develop a business plan.

The author spends a whole chapter addressing identifying strength and weaknesses and another on establishing goals and objectives.

Find out how to set SMART goals. This is helpful for new and experienced writers to learn and put into practice.

A chapter on crafting your mission statement also helps writers hone in on their brand.

Read the chapter on Budgeting Your Time and Money to discover the secret to a productive life. In fact, the book is filled with inspirational gems throughout.

The former college professor gives assignments designed to help writers practice what they’ve just learned. You will know how to create a business plan by the end of the book.

Insightful book written for authors. Recommend!

-Sandra Merville Hart



Gettysburg Remembers President Lincoln by Linda Giberson Black

The full title of this book is Gettysburg Remembers President Lincoln: Eyewitness Accounts of November 1863.

This nonfiction book shows what the citizens of Gettysburg did to bring about a national cemetery in the town in the aftermath of the horrific battle. David Wills, a Gettysburg attorney, was instrumental in planning the cemetery.

The ceremony to dedicate the cemetery took place in November of 1863. President Lincoln delivered his famous “Gettysburg Address” but was not the event’s main speaker. This book shows the fascinating details of the whole day and Lincoln’s hours in the town.

Great book for anyone interested in learning the background of the Gettysburg Address and history lovers.

-Sandra Merville Hart


Firestorm at Gettysburg by Jim Slade & John Alexander

The full title of this book is Firestorm at Gettysburg: Civilian Voices June—November 1863. This nonfiction book contains quotes throughout. The story of the Battle of Gettysburg is told in quotes by the townspeople, giving the account a compelling authenticity.

The townspeople who are quoted most often are briefly introduced at the beginning of the book. The town of Gettysburg and how the war affected the borough are also shown. Then the story quickly starts with all that happens in the month preceding the battle. Then we see what the citizens experienced during the battle and in the aftermath.

I enjoyed learning about Gettysburg, the townspeople, and the battle this way. It brought bring history to life.

Great book for anyone interested in the Battle of Gettysburg, Civil War research, and history lovers.

-Sandra Merville Hart


The Illustrated Gettysburg Reader by Rod Gragg

This nonfiction book tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg in a way that resonated with me. The author tells the history and then shows a diary entry or account or general’s report that digs deeper into what happened.

Gragg begins with details from May of 1863 and goes on from that time.

I especially enjoyed reading the accounts from folks who experienced the events. These really bring history to life.

Great book for anyone interested in the Battle of Gettysburg, Civil War research, and history lovers.

-Sandra Merville Hart

Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage by Noah Andre Trudeau

This nonfiction book tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg. Military events are recorded along with what happened in and near Gettysburg in the days leading up to the famous battle.

So much happened during the three-day battle that the author includes each day in a single chapter, taking events in chronological order—sometimes in hourly increments.

The chapter for the second day’s fighting, for example, is well over one hundred pages. Lots of wonderful details! There are many helpful maps showing troop movements throughout the book.

Great book for history lovers and anyone interested in the Battle of Gettysburg and the Civil War.

-Sandra Merville Hart

A Texan’s Surprise by Vickie McDonough

Sadie Hunter, a recent widow, and her two daughters travel to a Texas ranch with Ella Carpenter, who plans a two-month visit with her son, Trey. Sadie’s family has been living with Ella and knows that can’t continue. She must marry. Her heart longs for a love she never knew in her first marriage. Trey kindness to her family soon sparks the love she dreams of, but she fears he sees her presence at his ranch as a nuisance.

Trey doesn’t like surprises. He has detailed plans to prosper his ranch before he’ll think of marrying. Sadie sure is sweet. Pretty, too. And he loves her cooking. But he has years of work ahead before he can start a family.

Ella also a plan. Can this matchmaking mother work a miracle before another lonely rancher proposes to Sadie?

I loved learning a bit about Texas ranches in the midst of this enjoyable historical romance.

This novella is part of The Cowboy’s Bride Collection published by Barbour.

-Sandra Merville Hart

The Warrior’s Seal by Ronie Kendig


This Military thriller is packed with suspense and adventure.

The Prologue starts in the Byzantine Empire in 1230 AD. Knights search for the deadly Mace of Subjugation, a deadly toxin that spreads like a plague. Only a Warrior’s Seal can stop it.

The mace rears its ugly head again in modern times. Villagers are dying. The President of the United States and his wife have been captured. Staff Sergeant “Tox” Russell leads a special team to find them and the deadly toxin before it’s too late.

But Tox needs more information. Tzivia Khalon knows about the mace. There is danger at every turn as she travels to the Mideast to help recover the deadly substance.

This novella, part of The Tox Files Collection published by Bethany House, kept me turning pages.

-Sandra Merville Hart

Love’s Sweet Storm by Miralee Ferrell

Addie Patrick can’t continue to live off charity after the death of her parents. She answers an ad for a mail-order bride. Mr. Tolliver, who wants help with his store, agrees to marry her. Addie heads to Southern Colorado.

A terrible snowstorm strands Addie with rancher, Grant Hollister, on her way to Mr. Tolliver. Besides looking like an angel, Addie impresses Grant with her presence of mind in a crisis. Could she be the one he’s waited for?

His disappointment to find her already betrothed is mirrored in Addie’s heart. She’s already made a commitment. She will stand behind her promise.

The story captured my interest from the first page. I enjoyed this historical romance.

This novella is part of The Cowboy’s Bride Collection published by Barbour.

-Sandra Merville Hart