A Peek Into Our Past

Fun Facts from my research, This Week in History, etc. Click on the link to read. Leave a comment if you like. 

Civil War Posts:

Receiving a Gold Medal for Byway to Danger

Henry Box Brown

Endorsements for Byway to Danger

Announcing Release of Byway to Danger!

Announcing Audio Story “Someone on the Inside”

Chimborazo Hospital-Largest Civil War Hospital in the South

Author’s Inspiration for Boulevard of Confusion

Spies of the Civil War Series Book 2 Releases Today!

Author’s Inspiration for Avenue of Betrayal

Civil War in Washington DC: The Willard Hotel

Civil War in Washington DC: The Willard Hotel and President Lincoln’s Inauguration

Civil War Songs Stirred Patriotic Feelings

Spies of the Civil War Novel Book 1 Releases Today!

Civil War Bands and Music

Confederate Spy Rose Greenhow Influences Characters in Avenue of Betrayal

Excerpt from A Musket in My Hands by Sandra Merville Hart

A Musket in My Hands Endorsements

Civil War Hospital Trains

An Excerpt from A Rebel in My House

What Story Awaited Me in Gettysburg?

Announcing Not One But Two New Book Series!

First Telegraphed Message from a Hot Air Balloon Happened During the Civil War

Civil War U.S. Balloon Corps

Experimental Balloon Flight from Cincinnati Ends Badly During Civil War

Civil War Women: Rebecca Littlepage Thwarts a General

Euphemia Goldsborough, Confederate Nurse at Gettysburg

Last Confederate Surrender

Interview with the Heroine of A Musket in My Hands

First Union Soldiers in Washington Welcomed at the White House

Civil War Novel Turns 1!

Dedication of National Cemetery Where Lincoln Gives Gettysburg Address

The Day Before President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

Gettysburg Attorney David Wills Prepares for National Cemetery

Civil War Women: Clara Judd, Confederate Spy

Civil War Women: Rose O’Neal Greenhow, Confederate Spy

Civil War Women: Mary Carroll, Missouri Confederate Supporter

Civil War Women: Maria Lewis, Former Slave and Union Soldier

Civil War Women: Bettie Duvall, Confederate Spy

Civil War Women: Kate Cumming, Confederate Nurse and Diarist

Powhatan Beaty, Civil War Medal of Honor

The Aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg

Confederates Capture Gettysburg Before the Battle

Before the Battle of Gettysburg-Rumors

Battle of Gettysburg-Railroad Station

Civil War Women: Sarah Morgan Dawson, Confederate Diarist

Future President Abraham Lincoln Visits Cincinnati

Civil War Women: Sister Anthony, Angel of the Battlefield

Civil War Women: Susie King Taylor, Union Nurse and Teacher

Civil War Women: Harriet Tubman, Union Spy

Civil War Women: Mollie Bean, Confederate Soldier

Civil War Women: Major Pauline Cushman, Actress to Spy

Civil War Women: Antonia Ford, Confederate Spy

Civil War Women: Dorothea Dix, Superintendent of Female Nurses

Civil War Women: Rebecca R. Usher, Nurse

Civil War Women: Elizabeth Mendenhall

Civil War Women: Mary E. Shelton

Civil War Women: Annie Turner Wittenmyer, Diet Kitchen

Civil War Women: Mrs. A.H. Hoge

United States Christian Commission

United States Sanitary Commission

Civil War Women: Kady Brownell, Daughter of the Regiment

Civil War Women: Anna Maria Ross, Cooper Shop

Civil War Women: Jennie Hodgers as Albert Cashier

Civil War Women: Sarah Emma Edmonds as Franklin Thompson

Civil War Women: Malinda Pritchard Blalock as Sam Blalock

Civil War Women: Mary Ann Clark as Henry Clark

Attitudes Toward Women Civil War Soldiers

Consequences of Discovery for Women Civil War Soldiers

Civil War Romance Novel Releasing Today!

Civil War Romance Novel Releasing Next Week!

Ways that Women Civil War Soldiers were Discovered

Challenges Faced by Women Civil War Soldiers

Reasons Women Fought as Civil War Soldiers

Women Wanted to Enlist as Civil War Soldiers?

The Most Heroic Union Regiment in the Civil War

Battle of Gettysburg: Lee’s Long Line of Ambulances

Fireside Talk Radio Podcast about A Rebel in My House

The Story Behind the Story-A Rebel in My House

Civil War Battle of Gettysburg’s Numbers

Cherokee General Watie Surrenders First Indian Brigade

Hazelelponah Wood: A Noteworthy Puritan Woman

Brig. Gen, Wofford Surrenders Department of North Georgia

“Swamp Fox of the Confederacy” Surrenders at Chalk Bluff

General Kirby Smith Surrenders Trans-Mississippi Department

Battle at Palmito Ranch, Texas

General Maury Surrenders District of the Gulf

Battle at Fort Michilimackinac

Son of Former President Surrenders Confederate Command

The “Gray Ghost” Disbands His Troops

Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston’s Surrender

Confederate Surrender at Appomattox Court House

Civil War General Lee Sends a Frightening Message

Civil War Home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis

Civil War Confederate President Jefferson Davis

Civil War President Lincoln’s Summer Home

Civil War Kansas Soldiers’ Home

Civil War Federal Soldiers’ Homes

Civil War Federal Soldiers’ Home at Togus, Maine

Civil War Confederate Soldiers’ Homes

Civil War Post-War Home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis

Civil War Southern General Hospitals

Civil War U.S. Christian Commission

Civil War Southern General Hospitals

Civil War Wayside Hospitals

Civil War Refreshment Saloons

Civil War Camp Letterman: Caring for Gettysburg’s Wounded

Citizens of Gettysburg in the Aftermath

A Pastor’s Perception After Gettysburg

Confederate Generals Hill and Heth Doubt Pettigrew’s Report

Civil War Union Captain’s Thoughts While Marching to Pennsylvania

J.E.B. Stuart’s June 1863 Raid into the North

This Week in History: Greencastle, Pennsylvania and the Gettysburg Campaign

This Week in History: The Battle of Brandy Station, Virginia

Civil War Bugle Calls

Watering Thousands of Horses During the Civil War

Civil War Union Shelters

Civil War – Enlisting

Mail Order Brides

Civil War: Soldier’s Letter

Civil War: Union Army Rations

Civil War: Hardtack and Salt Horse

This Week in History: Civil War Battle of Franklin

Battle Above the Clouds (Lookout Mountain)

This Week in History: Civil War Battle of Chattanooga (Orchard Knob)

Siege of Chattanooga

This Week in History: Civil War Battle of Perryville

This Week in History: Civil War Battle of Poplar Springs Church

Battle of Chickamauga

Other American History posts:

Behind the Scenes: A Not So Persistent Suitor, Book 3

Behind the Scenes: A Not So Convenient Marriage, Book 1

A Not So Convenient Marriage is a Selah Awards Finalist!

Desperate Need for Kindergarten Teachers Inspired Part of Story

Illumination Gold Award Winner Byway to Danger!

Announcing Release of Book 2 in Second Chances Novel Series!

Endorsements for A Not So Persistent Suitor, Book 2

Coming Soon! Book 2 in Second Chances Novel Series!

Bradford Junction, A Railroad Town

Background for A Not So Convenient Marriage

Announcing A Not So Convenient Marriage Book Release!

Sight and Sound Theater, Branson

Ohio Canal Ride

My Next Historical Romance Series Coming Soon!

An Afternoon in Ripley, Ohio

Transcontinental Railroad

Laying the Groundwork for the Transcontinental Railroad

Grasshopper Weather

North Carolina’s Mt. Airy is a Trip back to Mayberry

The Chilling Story of the Pied Piper

Summer Kitchens in the 1800s


First Modern Olympics Medals

James Connolly – First Modern Olympics Champion

A Surprising Cemetery

Ohio’s Greatest Natural Disaster Inspires My Story, Surprised by Love

Radford Gatlin’s Store Gives a Town a Name

When Gatlinburg was known as White Oak Flats

History of Pigeon Forge

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Spanish Flu Pandemic

Grand Canyon National Park

Early Exploration of the Grand Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park

Yellowstone National Park

10 Family-Friendly Things to do During our Stay-At-Home

Transplanted Tree at the Alamo

The Battle of the Alamo

Milton Hershey

Hershey’s Chocolate World

Ford’s Theatre

Lincoln Memorial

World War II Memorial

Washington Monument

Announcing New Christmas Book Release!

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Iwo Jima Memorial

Pentagon Memorial

Trail’s End set in Wild Western Town of Abilene, Kansas

The Cowboys Releases Today!

Cincinnati Reds’ Palace of the Fans

Draining Ohio’s Swamps

From the Stage to the Page

American Square Dancing

The Miracle Women of WW II

1870s Treatment for Baldness

Raising Creative Kids

Cleaning Up After the 1913 Great Miami River Flood

Another Award for A Rebel in My House!

Top of the Rock, Branson

Eureka Springs, Arkansas-A Fun Way to Spend a Day

Revolutionary War: Washington Battles Supply Shortage at Valley Forge

Revolutionary War: The Fate of Unborn Millions

Revolutionary War: Washington Fights a Smallpox Epidemic

Revolutionary War: Battle of Blue Licks

Revolutionary War: Bryan’s Station, Kentucky

The Troy Flood of 1913

The Great Peshtigo Fire

Black Sunday Dust Storm: April 14, 1935

The Johnstown Flood of 1889

The Great Natchez Tornado of 1840

Great Miami Hurricane of 1926

Great White Hurricane of 1888

Tuckaleechee Caverns

Searight’s Tollhouse on the National Road

The La Vale Toll House on the National Road

Colonial Travel with Pack Horses

George Washington’s Vision for a National Road

Macadamized Roads

Conestoga Wagons

President Washington Ends the Whiskey Rebellion

Examples of Forfeits Paid in Old-Fashioned Themed Parties

Paying Forfeits in Old-Fashioned Themed Parties

Evening Amusements for Old Fashioned Themed Parties – Part 4

Evening Amusements for Old Fashioned Themed Parties – Part 3

Evening Amusements for Old Fashioned Themed Parties – Part 2

Evening Amusements for Old Fashioned Themed Parties – Part 1

These Are the Times that Try Men’s Souls

Nothing that Glitters is Gold

Mark Twain Learns the Cost of Traveling West

Mark Twain Briefly Holds Property at Lake Tahoe

Mark Twain Writes of a Soda Lake on the Oregon Trail

Mark Twain Glimpses a Pony Express Rider on a Delivery

Mark Twain Comments About Pony Riders

Finding Treasures Along Historic Route 66

Never Buy Flour with a Bluish-White Tinge

Household Hints from the Early 1900s – Part 2

Household Hints from the Early 1900s – Part 1

Cass Scenic Railroad – A Fun Way to Spend the Day!

Feeding a Family of Three in 1949

The War of 1812: When the British Burned Washington

Sporting Events in the Early 1800s

Wedding Traditions in the Early 1800s

School in the Early 1800s

Religious Meetings in the 1800s

Militia Forces in the Early 1800s

Sugar Making in the Early 1800s

Country Life in the 1830s


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