Author Sandra Merville Hart, a graduate of Christian Communicators, has led workshops at writers groups and a writers conference. She has led sessions and workshops at women’s retreats. She has participated in Author Panels and spoken at book clubs and would love to speak/teach at your writers conference!




Speaking/Workshop Topics

Speaking Topics for Keynote or Devotions Include:

  • Get Out of the Box
  • What Lincoln Teaches Us About Effective Writing from the Gettysburg Address
  • Writing Advice from Mark Twain

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Blogging to Build a Platform
  • Don’t Say “Cool” When not referring to Temperature in Historical Writing
  • Tips for Writing Short Stories
  • Writing Attention-Grabbing Blurbs
  • When the Story Stalls in the Middle
  • What I learned from the author of Charlotte’s Web—continuing class
  • Benefits—and a few surprises—of Historical Fiction Research
  • Three Reasons I cry When Reading Louisa May Alcott
  • Three Things I Learned About Dialogue from Jane Austen
  • Hidden Treasures in Researching your Historical Fiction Novel

Testimonials for Speaking/Teaching

  • “Thank you so much for excellent tips on using blogging to build an audience—but not just writing a blog—but all of the details to connect and truly ‘build it.’” 
  • “Thanks so much for your presentation! You confirmed me in certain aspects and motivated me to get back into it!” 
  • “Thank you for your presentation this morning on Blogging to Build a Platform. You did a great job! It was very informative! Yes, please add me to your newsletter. My husband and I are just beginning our writing career and are as yet unpublished. I really appreciate all of the wisdom you shared! We look forward to putting it to good use!” 
  • “Thanks so much for the presentation you did for Christian Fiction Writers Conference with Zion Ridge Press. I learned so much. Thanks!”

Contact Sandra to speak/teach at your writers conference.