Hard Tack and Coffee by John B. Billings

The Unwritten Story of Army Life

What a treasure this nonfiction book is for readers of Civil War books!

The author, John B. Billings, was a Civil War soldier in the Army of the Potomac. He gave American history lovers a great gift when he wrote about a soldier’s experiences during the war.

He gave details of shelters the Union army used for hospitals. Living in tents in army camps and log huts during winter presented challenges for soldiers.

Billings writes about their rations. Hard tack loses any appeal from his sometimes humorous descriptions yet was a staple in their diet.

I enjoyed the wonderful details of Civil War army life. As an author of Civil War novels, I loved how Billings brought those days to life. This book, written in 1887, helped me gain an understanding of a soldier’s everyday life.

Recommended for those interested in American history, the American Civil War, and military camp life.

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