A Rebel in My House Receives 2018 Illumination Silver Award!

A Rebel in My House, my Civil War romance set during the historic Battle of Gettysburg, has received 2018 Illumination Silver Award in the Inspirational/ Romance Fiction category!

The Illumination Awards “are designed to honor and bring increased recognition to the year’s best new titles written and published with a Christian worldview.” Click here to see the entire list of gold, silver and bronze winners. So thrilled that my novel is included with those from such talented authors!



Last Stop, Cordelia by Lisa Carter

The Rails to Love Romance Collection

 The action begins with the first paragraph!

Neil MacBride risks his life to save Cordelia Cochrane, but is she grateful? No, the feisty reporter actually has the nerve to tell Neil that he should have let her remain in danger—she’d get a better newspaper story.

Being out in the middle of the Wyoming Territory with a group of former Civil War soldiers turned rail workers, Cordelia grudgingly decides to accept Neil’s help. She only cares about furthering her career.

Neil is ambitious, too. The Union Pacific worker is determined to lead his team, who are laying tracks daily. He’s been without family for a long time yet there is something about Cordelia that captivates him.

I loved this novella. I fell in love with Neil before Cordelia did!

The dialogue in the story is especially good. The couple have meaningful conversations from the beginning. The secondary characters, hardened by war experiences, are also lovable and believable.

Definitely recommend this author.

-Sandra Merville Hart


The Depot Bride by Amanda Cabot

The Rails to Love Romance Collection

Eugenia Bell is more interested in photography than in Chauncey Keaton, the man her rich and powerful father wants her to marry. When her father invites Mason Farling to Cheyenne to write a book commemorating the new depot that will include Eugenia’s photographs, she is thrilled.

Mason appreciates the ingenuity in Eugenia’s photographs immediately and he’s excited for the opportunity to work with the talented beauty.

Mason captures Eugenia’s attention in a way that Chauncey never did.

The characters are likeable and believable.

This historical romance novella is a quick read yet it grabbed my attention.

Recommend! Will look for more by this author.

-Sandra Merville Hart


Yuletide Angel by Sandra Ardoin

Violet Madison has a secret. After everyone is tucked inside their cozy beds for the night, Violet delivers food to the needy during the Christmas season. She is dubbed the Yuletide Angel.

No one knows the identity of the Yuletide Angel—except her neighbor, Hugh Barnes. The confirmed bachelor worries for Violet’s safety and follows her to protect her.

Raised to believe herself plain, Violet has little confidence in herself though people do praise her baking. She dreams of owning a bakery yet women don’t own businesses in Meadowmead, despite it being the 1890s.

She also dreams of changing Hugh’s mind about remaining a bachelor.

This book captured my attention from the first page. It’s a gentle story set during the Christmas season. It transported me back in time. I loved it.

This is exactly the kind of story I love to read during the Christmas holidays. I will look for more novels by this author!

-Sandra Merville Hart

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Cowboy Competition by Becca Whitham

Nia Lindley is gun-shy about men since making a couple of poor choices. Though she longs to find a good man to marry, she focuses on helping her father run their successful Texas ranch.

Toby Lane lives in the shadow of his father’s mistakes. Unfortunately, those sins cast a long shadow and Toby finds himself looking for another job. Again.

An advertisement for a foreman catches his interest. The Double L Cattle Ranch will hold a Cowboy Competition to find the best candidate for the job.

The Double L Ranch—should Toby risk returning?

I thought the author did a great job piquing the reader’s interest about Toby’s past. It added a bit of mystery to the story.

I loved learning about the cowboy competitions. I didn’t know these were held in the Old West to search for the best employee.

I enjoyed this novella, part of The Cowboy’s Bride Collection published by Barbour.

-Sandra Merville Hart


That First Montana Year by Donna L. Scofield

This historical romance captured my attention on the first page.

B’Anne regrets what happened when the snowstorm isolated her with Will, her old beau, even as he courted a beautiful new girl. He cast B’Anne aside in the morning.

But B’Anne’s morning sickness exposes their secret. Their families arrange a quick marriage and the young couple soon find themselves in a wagon bound for Montana. B’Anne is sad to leave her family in Iowa to stay with Will’s uncle until they claim their own property.

B’Anne has always loved Will and hates that he’s been forced to marry her when he loves another woman. Certain that he will resent her and the baby, she worries about the future. Can he learn to love B’Anne?

Very interesting story that shows the difficulties faced by homesteaders in Montana. The author also shows how they lived, describing the 1880s lifestyle so well that I felt like I had been transported back to another era.

Great book! I will look for other novels written by this author.

-Sandra Merville Hart

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Battle of Gettysburg Civil War Romance Releasing This Week!

Shouting men were in the streets with her. They ran through alleys. Fear prevented her from deciphering their words. Did she really want to understand what they said?


Their terror transferred to her so that coherent thought disappeared. Her courage failed at the fear on strong men’s faces. If they were afraid, how would she survive?


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A Texan’s Surprise by Vickie McDonough

Sadie Hunter, a recent widow, and her two daughters travel to a Texas ranch with Ella Carpenter, who plans a two-month visit with her son, Trey. Sadie’s family has been living with Ella and knows that can’t continue. She must marry. Her heart longs for a love she never knew in her first marriage. Trey kindness to her family soon sparks the love she dreams of, but she fears he sees her presence at his ranch as a nuisance.

Trey doesn’t like surprises. He has detailed plans to prosper his ranch before he’ll think of marrying. Sadie sure is sweet. Pretty, too. And he loves her cooking. But he has years of work ahead before he can start a family.

Ella also a plan. Can this matchmaking mother work a miracle before another lonely rancher proposes to Sadie?

I loved learning a bit about Texas ranches in the midst of this enjoyable historical romance.

This novella is part of The Cowboy’s Bride Collection published by Barbour.

-Sandra Merville Hart