Castles in the Clouds by Myra Johnson

Learning about the troubles of communities in the Dust Bowl of the 1930s snagged my interest. The author clearly demonstrates that the drought and Depression not only affected farmers but whole towns. Times were rough for almost everyone in Arkansas.

Larkspur Linwood ends up in a variety of settings in this novel. She is in college studying to become a teacher when the story begins. An opportunity to teach in Kenya thrills her, yet she is drawn there more by handsome Professor Keene who offers her the job than the position itself.

When that quickly turns sour, another teaching opportunity back in Arkansas captivates her. This time Lark is determined to keep her mind on the business at hand and not on another professor, Anson Schafer, who heads up the foundation. Anson is nothing like Professor Keene though it takes Lark a long time to figure that out.

The novel follows the lives of Larkspur and her two sisters, Rose and Bryony, and is Book Two in the Flowers of Eden series.

-Review by Sandra Merville Hart